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My husband never said anything about me at home with kids.But the husband, my parents' house, they do not understand me.

I write this out here confided to speak out my feelings current discomfort. And through her own story, I also want to advise the mother if intended stay at home with their children, think again. Do not get in a situation like no way back for me.

I am 32 years old, not young age. I got married 6 years ago and has one son 5 years old. Before getting married, like many other women I also work and go to work. We can say then I am a very dynamic and ambitious.

Married over, I followed him to a new career Hanoi. Then I got pregnant and stay at home from my husband did as advised. I started something wrong here.

I always thought her husband devoted parental care is the best thing. My husband is very psychological. He never said anything about me at home with kids. But my husband is different, they do not understand me. So they are not happy about this. I myself know me at home is not right.

Honestly when I was tougher than I was repeatedly sent away for a job profile places already. But young or too sick to do that I did not go anywhere at all.Both sides grandparents who look young again not help me. With my husband did not want to send their children to the countryside. So over the years, I have done in the home.

Although my wife and I were completely alone on this, but it saddens me most is that I do not go to affect so many people. Her parents worried about her daughter I should have run from place to place asking for me. This makes me very unhappy. I feel like I've grown up, but still as a burden and was standing some concern of the parents.

I always wanted to take care of my child but my parents did not think so.Grandparents always sad because I was still at home. Sometimes, I find myself really incompetence and disloyalty while for parents to worry.

Inside the exchange, the same, the husband also gets harder. The children made me stay at home as my husband niggling. For me, it's okay but I feel sad is the attitude of the husband treats my son. But my son was home with his nephew religious destination, but each time I go play house, my husband's father did not ask grandson. However, he just talk grandchildren of grandparents only. I pity my child too.

I write my own story here, but the story may be a little harsh, but someone please tell me what can I do now? Who knows there job there if anything just give me tips to find work with. And I recommend that you do not blindly obedient sweet seduction of her husband at home with me, please. I'm sad too dear people.


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