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For the first time after the date of her husband's distance, is seen both as a naughty child bride is me that I dropped tears. Recall time my badly behaved with them that I regret incredibly.

I was born and raised in a poor family, brothers crowded. But I quite lovely.When school finished high school, I did not pass the exam college. Since then, I ask parents to Hanoi to work for the restaurant. The days here, I was pretty much the guy to notice because I have quite a lovely form.

The older I become more and more interested and fascinated. And I also know who the other person before meeting my husband now. As the familiar and loved my husband just three months, I got pregnant. Therefore, I and he soon married.

Put me on launch day, see me dress immodestly, violence reefs, mother in law had to disagree. She opposed this relationship for me is the daughter seems indecent, considerate. She also told me very frankly that I am not just her eyes.Generally speaking, although she objected to me pregnant.

At this point, I my husband (only 3 years younger than me) had to persuade and negotiate with fierce mother. Finally thanks to my efforts husband, wife and I had a happy marriage. However, because the original was not received normal mother, so when my husband home every psychological aversion, spiteful, hateful mother and husband both brother.

But mother has treated me very well and properly, but I kept her spiteful. She said nothing, do nothing, or suggestions to me, me attitude will not hear, did not bother to understand. And so, the mother told me more defiant and more annoyed with me. So much so she stopped talking back and forth with me and treated me like strangers water. I gloat to see such mental suffering mother despite living together a.

And you my husband, my husband coming home become hate em. Because I envy you so much. She has beautiful, home to wealthy, loving parents and special children you have a boyfriend very successful and kind with you, loving you truly. Because of this jealousy to me that I just hate em husband absurd and increasingly outrageous attitude with me.

But you still care about my husband although the face when you upset me, but go gourd hair dye, go bar hopping, drinking away your wedding or have elected to drunk I dress cool. She commented to me from far to near, but frankly I do not hear defiant. However I am more annoyed and treated me like a thorn in her husband. Sometimes I think to myself, why is it being pretty good number of people are just like that.

Generally hatred and envy to her husband, she married made me become more currencies lowered. I dated one becomes indifferent to her husband's house and rude with them. I ignored the sigh, the mother silently cry once while cooking. I ignored the discomfort of her husband's face in his gloating.

And then, like straw that broke the glass, my husband is having an affair. I'm miserable because gourd baby coming days longer betrayed husband. These ideas will be no one on my side this time, incidentally, I still married her husband on behalf of families and make a fuss over everything. Both the husband still sided vanity is my bride. They are calling, messaging, see 3rd person interject my family. They even scolded, insulted by my husband niggling.

For the first time after the date of her husband's distance, is seen both as a child bride was my bad that I dropped tears. Recall time my badly behaved with them that I regret incredibly. Especially when I go tongue, though he did not appear in the hospital with his wife and children but the mother, you still run the urge to run her husband to care for their babies me. They still care for me 3 months confinement thoughtful, worried about every morsel of food I sleep.

Currently, I am in confinement time going to work. My husband still has not promiscuous mistress party wholeheartedly back with his wife and children. But with her husband's family so good, I think that was a daily torment for remorse.Actually I blame myself too much when stupidity not loving mother and me husband. Perhaps the first place I should not have prejudice, should not envy them, then perhaps everything will be fine now and no longer distance.

This time, I was living in great remorse and is trying to change myself to worthy than with the love and attention of the mother, her husband and her husband even though I probably would have ended bad.

I write this share up here to wish all brides evil and bad as I soon realized the good things and know the people who treat you. Because if not spoiled bride will commit this mistake coming off another mistake when he realized maybe too late to fix. Once there, you will regret it for life.


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