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I, a noble woman, because her unborn child which must accept from him. She had robbed him but I do not blame a word.

Send the author of the article "Let me be calling him 'husband' final '. She is a reader of the newspaper and also his wife, who he called "husband" in the article. She read that article and make sure the children, though the name was changed.

Dear! Let her be called names such intimate offline. During the last year of his wife, the mother of his child, she always loved him, coddle. But in a little corner somewhere in your heart, you always feel so guilty, tormented because his heart was taken away, people you love. She is a latecomer, I understand that, but standing in front of him, she did not hold back his feelings despite knowing he had a lover. She took the initiative to invite him calling out for coffee as a friend, but in fact she wanted to see him, see his desire for nostalgia agreed.

Then what is to come as well, 5 months after knowing him, he said he loved her initiative. At that time she was very happy knowing that His love is shared for two daughters. She accepted as a man behind, looking at him and I share the steps. Her heart pain as cuts but told myself she just latecomer should not have the right to be jealous here. She and he kept sneaking behind me like that, like two criminals until one day she found out she was pregnant with his child. At the time, she was happy to do and decided to give message informing him despite knowing her child can not be born will get his own way the main road is the father.

She understands, but, I love you but you can not break up. He always carried with her guilt, fear will make me, a perfect girl in every way compromised. She did not think you read the message, do not think they are going to leave me.She still remembers that day, after reading your letter to leave, he and she cried. You go without responsibility siblings whether a word, I feel myself so obnoxious to that. She had robbed him, my great love, has made a good girl like me was very traumatized.

I, a noble woman, because her unborn child which must accept from him. She had robbed him but I do not blame her a word. Throughout the years she has always tormented inside until reading your article. Thank you did not hate her, gave her children have a father. Dear! Happiness will always smile at you.Thank you for all.


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