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Nearly 7 years of living the same roof with him but we conjugal relationship together less than 10 times. My husband did not have sex with me.

I am a person, or read confided. And today I plucked up the courage to write his thoughts, wishes to receive the comments of readers. I would like to remain anonymous and all information about me to ensure that my work is done. I sincerely thank you.

My 28-year-old is a man of beauty, agility. My husband is 35, tall, dashing we married for almost 7 years. Both my husband and I do business together ... We have two children a boy and a girl, a 2 year old and a 6 year old child.Outwardly my life is the dream of many people when complete everything ... But really until today, I feel really deadlock with his life.

There is one thing that I never dare say to anyone, until recently when I found myself unable to take it anymore I begin to reveal the family. It was my husband has no sexual desire for me. Nearly 7 years of living the same roof with him but we conjugal relationship together less than 10 times.

Starting when the baby started to date with our 2nd child only married couples living only 1 time. And since then my wife and I live like two friends. Had a lot of nights I confided to her husband, talk to him as if he had his last medical examination. But my husband always says he is not certain to be all right and not go.

Really ashamed to say that almost 7 years I do not know what her husband kiss? He never touched my body and sometimes only slept hug then turned on each other like two strangers.

In everyday life my husband is a good man, very dimensional wife loves me but he always expressed a cold and distant when night falls. Many friends advised me to balance life by finding a new joy. But really my conscience would not allow myself to do that.

Till today, when it comes out of this is when I really exhausted feelings for her husband, not even sex with her husband. Both families are trying to cling to our life, but I find myself unable to live such a life again. If my husband or girlfriends, alcohol, plot threads, gambling, then maybe people will heal. But because this is a very delicate job, actually my pain was simmering for too long.I had to solve the problem, has found enough ways, tried hard but I feel husband does not know my feelings - a woman less than 30s.

I did not even want to try again, I want to stop, I do not desire the money, I want to be a man of interest, care and cherish ... I just want to live life difficult on the human misery alone love and love her more than life inside a husband simply thought that you remember about flowers for me the holidays ...

Now my family and his family have tried to hook the life of our beautiful, but I must do so to be able to start again with her husband when he himself does not want? And I do not have feelings or sexual desires to be able to sleep with him anymore? What can I do? If my family would leave her husband refused to accept? But if you live on this basis I would fall into a serious crisis ...

Now, when we go home we did not say anything to each other. Each room and I was afraid to sleep a current life. I fear the time lapse without clinging to it. I scared a few years I will accept life as today ... I do?


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