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Luckily derive both handsome husband achievement makes this wife who is always positive though beauty and confidence but had concerns even snore because could not help worrying not keep the husband.

5 years living with the handsome husband has just accomplished, Russia, 31 (Hoan Kiem) always found not reassuring. But worry is the worry that but this woman did not know what else to do to keep him.

Accents are proud interspersed worry, Russia tells of her handsome husband: "Have to say, I'm very lucky to get her husband, son Hanoi origin. Her husband is very nice and irrepressible stage success. Actually, my husband the same age. At first we are friends after then lover, the married couple of years out of school. Despite being married love but really looking appearance, 2 couples differ much. Her baby is low, literally underweight for height less than 1m50.While her husband 1.8m tall, fair, tall. In particular, her husband, much less handsome Korean actor. Their is nothing special, things only inadequate ".

But if only the handsome husband, the woman did not have to worry as soon snoring like. Because long ago, Russia itself is still active beauty, exercise keep fit. Behind this, Russia also has handsome husband, has accomplished: "my husband is now the CEO of 1 International Finance Corporation big. He is famous for his good also clever and irrepressible. And although his work in a large media but two years he was temporarily have to take small children are cucurbits 2nd child Spouses hence every day deviations too "- Russia sigh.

Initially whose husband has just accomplished so handsome, proud Russia too.But many times, the couple saw Russia too "chopsticks deviation" to parents and relatives, and friends say the two sides talking to. This makes Russia began to worry even snoring. "Especially lately, when pregnant with this 2nd, his form back into stocks disastrous. While her husband was always pretty breezy young. Every day you go to work in place also how many beautiful side "- Russia lives nớp worry.

To reduce your anxiety disproportionate to their husbands, Russia itself has scheduled a spa, gym to keep fit regularly. But just know that Russia is not the end because no other way. But really, every day at home looking at her husband working, Russians anxious really. "I know, my husband is a man who loves his wife and children dignity and well. His character is in love with her ​​since they already know. The husband just said, reassuring his wife, the husband's eyes only his wife and children only, the other pretty girls out to the edge before. But I was still nervous around her husband lives nớp when there are so many beautiful girls, too many convenient opportunities to which he may be discouraged ... ".
Now, the woman is about two children born just hope soon to finish 2nd actively make themselves more beautiful. This bit frustrated wife, she was able only to do so but did not know what to do further.

Also in the plight for married handsome, successful is Nhat Le, 28 (Dong Da, Hanoi). After 2 years the couple, Le also never thought, pretty lucky to get such a comprehensive husband caused her to have a headache just thinking how to keep her husband.

Le husband is the man with good appearance, clever talk, understand the psychology of women and is the director of business a company should earn a lot of money / month. Although relatives said Code also known unit, always attentive care little themselves, enhance their knowledge in order to keep her husband.

According to the Code since, as Le just handsome husband, has attained has very sociable personality, so he still has a lot of women to pursue. Even with many women still voluntarily "please die". Therefore, Rule was not reassuring: "my husband is very frank dignity and his song is not assured. By surrounding him with her along too much. She was at work there, you learn there, partner.The new worry, but his. "

The wife also tells the husband once was his honest recount. It was on that day, according to etiquette, he must take a firm partner of the office. Go to the office of this person, they invited him to visit the workplace. Think there's nothing, husband Code also up. Any doubt as to where the girl in the other partner companies also solicited straight: "Lamnguoi love me, I give". Listen Le husband recounted yet not from assistant fire and worried.

Le explained: "Just ask the man rarely calm this temptation instead. Even in that case, her husband said no matter what. But few such times, who ensures he does not lose heart. No matter what she asks for help it, that it, then excuses himself to thank, invite coffee, said. Many saw it, so I say nothing: her husband, angry husband. I know this is wrong, as reduced confidence in the husband but that women themselves should also ask the selfish narrow womb ".

Le husband is from where or indifferent tells his wife, to see his wife so hours, staggered to his quick thinking nor old told Le hear again: "Know husband like that, you worry more. Many times I kept inevitably distracted, thinking much. "

Especially recently as the husband could not help worrying loss without noticing, Le also insisted the company her husband work as a clerk. But under Rule: "Bring in the company known as the husband, who himself was only soup soon while 'theft' is much more martial".

Nỳ honest wife said: "Although much time alone to think, I also unhappy qualify.But think back in time to enlist pity if doing things cultivate love and perfecting ourselves, the more useful work all day worrying. Because also resolved nothing, simply drove myself old fast, fast bad. Well, bear fragrant flowers share slightly. Want to keep nor be worried. Knowing this first chosen him his black face, really acne, ugly, poor house husbands ".


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