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Who does not want this time to be sitting in a warm blanket with his wife and children, such as the happiest then. Lin has led the car to go out. Phuong asked to follow: 'You drink with someone?'.

Lam said: 'Hoang Hoi, Quang...'. Well that is the friend high school. The group closed on 3 mother watching television and did not think anything.

But has yet to see Pontifical 22h, children have wanted to go to bed. Phuong immediately picked up the phone to call Huang then found not communicate.Strange! She thought or loss should call the travel wave callback to close 10 more still seeing the same.

She remembered that he had saved the Hoang - you should call her husband.'Today we're drinking drunk too, the machine runs out of battery months should only give it back to his house to sleep offline. This cold '. Although not happy but alone had. It is not sure that every release of men will keep them there so.

8h woke up yet to see her husband, she did not call back contact. She thought her husband yesterday 'café' Drug consolidation. Hoang her home also no stranger to the abdomen husband interested to see next time he has regretted the greatness of her. Phuong decided to catch a cab to the Royal to greet her husband. When she went to the Royal has yet to open.

Rang the Royal came out as just woke up: 'Why am off back to his house like this?' 'I came to pick em Forestry home?', 'Lam does ...', Huang said then suddenly raised his hand to silence 'Oh, well it has to be a moment dear brother'. Method of Forestry did not see where.

She surprised really, recall Huang then the phone number was not contacted.Suddenly belly was burning hot, she did not know what to think anymore.Suddenly follow her instincts to take motorcycles and fees to the Royal.

From far away you see the ball as Lam who was standing in front of the Emperor. 'Strange, protect and why here?'. Phuong silently closer but not to Hoang Lam or see: 'You're on the right away. Last night's going. I lie not familiar mouth. Morning still lying almost forgotten about yesterday told how Lam then remembered there ... ', Phuong Hoang told barely hear and see such Lam Lam all described explosions motorcycles.

Phuong away after a while and think: 'So clearly not slept last night Lin Huang as saying that the call by Huang said household. She really see the blood boiling, what's going on. ' Think so but still go to market method. She went home after 30 minutes Forest: 'I go to the market you? Yesterday he drunk too.I'm sorry to make you worry '. Phuong has seemed like normal but think that things are not without problems.

Very quick thinking of checking her phone Lam. She asked him to go buy bottles of soy sauce, always like Lam will leave the phone at home but today Lin hold the device under. So. She is waiting for more opportunities.

Noon when she was sleeping Forestry steal Lam phone to see. Phuong Lam exhaled unfortunately not set a password, from ancient times is that, both not to talk to each password but no one is going to phone someone and they respect that principle. This time she broke the rules it out.

That was his call history and message boxes are empty. Phuong try slid into facebook, facebook users Lin little, in part message and timeline are almost empty, little interaction. Method open to skype, we saw some chat with colleagues about work. But to Zalo the truth exposed.

Lin became acquainted with a girl named Lien Xinh through Zalo, it seems yesterday was the first time they met but earlier chat with each other a lot, even more obscene sex chat. She bitterly realized we were told: 'Men are only good until leaked "not wrong at all.

Phuong was petrified, shivering people too surprised and angry. Lin is to turn off 3G phone, she tried to turn up, it was reported to your message Contact Xinh: 'Last night was memorable in my life. Thank you turned off the phone to us have moments of great flourish, one night 5 degrees C extremely warm.Lam great love '.

She was still lucid enough to give United Xinh 1 Message line: 'Love one night also interesting is not it. Hi Honey, you go find the other night with another feeling here '. Contact Xinh the message: 'I hacked you? Do not kid me ... '. She did not have the patience to chat to.

Time to sit back method to breathe and ... think already.


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