Husband eviction if they want to spend the holidays in foreign country - Confide Real Life

I talked to him before he agreed to let me get the food festival with my parents and my family. However, he knocked my opinion.

As a longtime reader of newspapers, a lot of times, I intended to write his story for advice from people, but then, I did not dare. However, this time, the burning of me have been pushed up to the climax, I do not know what to do anymore.

I was born and raised in the city of Nam Dinh, after finishing college, I got married and living in Hanoi.

My husband is a great country - could say the same for the present, he is the head of a company (name of company, I would like to be hidden). The money he possessed, I do not know anything, but surely, it must also tens of billions.

Many people look at me always think I delight. Which tells the true happiness I also. I never have to worry about money, nor ever, I have to worry about jobs.He can "cram" I in any position that I want in the field he was storming. But, in fact, at no time, I found fun really.

My parents 'hometown in Nam Dinh, just over 100km from Hanoi but from the wedding until now, he has never stepped foot in my parents' house, and never, you phone my parents invited to his house to play though he and my parents do not have conflicts.

His native village in Ninh Binh, most New Year, he also at home, but I always give people the tools to Hanoi to welcome him. As for my parents, I do not neglected, nor for me is the food festival with his family

Meanwhile, my parents only have 3 daughters. My eldest sister had followed her husband into the South settled, 2, 3 years to her parents' home one time.My sister got married in Hanoi, plaited least to worry about her husband's house, but at least, the 3rd, 4th, it's also about being with my parents.

And I, for 5 years, after marrying, he always forced me to stay home to serve him, serve his friends and his parents served. Thus, the festival every year, my phone, my mother cried, because most new year, our family reunions, children gather, my house is still only 2 elderly grandparents.

This year, my parents were over 70 years old, my mother was very sick, did not know there were a few more years to live or not, so she wanted us to celebrate the New Year with her grandparents 1 year to be happy painting.

I talked to him before he agreed to let me be the food festival with her parents and her family. However, he knocked my opinion. He said, I have married, they must follow her husband, shoulder, serve her husband's family, but her parents want to, then put it all together, and walked out of the house.

I'm upset too, angry too should have packed up clothes to go out. Yet, when I was out the door, he called out to help keep all of the luggage, car keys, house keys, wallet and forced me to remove all jewelry on people.

I bitter much, see you, I just wanted stabbed him and walked away but my 2 kids cry. They screamed and held me back. And me, I will not go unheard but coldly walked.

The next day, during the meal, he said, give me time to think, if you still want to go with my parents, not just people that come, and want to stay, do not require.

I hurt too, a few of my friends knew, they told me to leave, because money can make out, but her husband could not have parents, only 1. So that, I have no fondness for 5 years Now, not perhaps now, the desire to end his mother's life, I did not do?


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