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In the beginning she had only one thought, 10 years of passionate suddenly vanish like soap bubbles and ...

She and her brother, this child home village the other end of the village head.Childhood playing together the child's play. Growing up, remember the time we can trade know, two people have exchanged sentiments sounded pure. Day she walked into class 11, with a fist full of his warm, her awkwardness, 2 people were officially a couple.

Then you move to the city college, she stayed finish 12th grade program with burning desire is to reunite the University Park with him. Her wishes and he also true. Two people away from home, the warmth exchanged between prosperous urban place that cold impersonal, and encourage each other to try to learn, to later have bright future.

Forgot how is the holding hands, wandering the shores of the lake, talking about the past, present and future. But at the end of May, two children ran out of money but do not dare ask for more parents, had to eat noodles for lunch.Then picture him drudgery do more to save money for her tuition, was forever imprinted in her mind already. She always remembered the day her mother died, he embraced her in his arms. She cried, he cried out of pity for her. I promise you, this life will offset this disadvantage for her. Many, many, memories, the love 2 people had together.

Then he graduated and went to work, he spends a sum salary gives her final year of studies Study notes, knit burden for her father who still has to raise her younger brother to school. Her thoughtful care He had nothing to blame, she to him as a wife for her husband, not keep something back for yourself. He said, waiting for her graduation, class 1.2 years when there is a stable job, then 2 people to marry. She smiled happily, not every night is not dreaming about that day.

On leaving school she also came, she would like to be an office job matching expertise. While two children have jobs, but wages are not high, frugal spending enough in places expensive city, something also must spend money to this. He discussed with her, she is still young, wait until economic conditions rather than referring it to marriage. His family circumstances were difficult and she, her father alone deer feeding back his brother, his parents and senile diseases.Now married, if you out, 2 people worried about the fear was not enough, let alone to inform parents hospitality, helping the home. She was right, happily agree with his opinion.

One year, two years and three years, she was 25 years old but the economic conditions of the two people still not quite over when old how. British workers to work day and night, but her body that she, no relationship and who support, capacity is not outstanding, thus forever remain stalled. Her office work ability nor much promotion, so now economic concerns is the burden for 2 people.Seeing him day and night worrying about money, her parents also need to cure diseases not less money, she loves him plenty. But her helplessness.

This time she saw him seem very busy. He refused the meeting with her, the phone has also briefly then quickly disconnected. He said he was busy, hope she sympathized. She only knew encouragement, reminding him to stay healthy, but also can not do anything more. She felt so useless, if not help anything for him.

That night, she cooked a nutritious dish brings him to his belly to enrichment, by the way visited him after more than 1 week are not met. But he had no home.Call me not, she had to sit in front motel room to wait for him. Much later he returned on a car is expensive. Rider car was a girl. Now get off the car, he has had to face over the doorway kiss another girl. Witness the sight, her heart froze. Now turning people away at home, saw her, he froze.

"If you saw it, he will speak out for me to hear. Together far has been 10 years, how about me, maybe I knew. I love you, none can deny that. But I'm sorry, maybe I can not marry you get. He thinks, then he would marry her "- before eyes swung her deep questioning, he was silent for a moment and then calmly spoke. Every word he says fall like lightning in her ear ear level. He had another girl, even to marry her! "I mean ... I want to say goodbye ..." - she stammered, tears coming to a place.

"Yeah ... Sorry, I love you but you have to marry her!" - He left her stressed out.She almost mad before too shocking truth, this too cruel. "Why?" - She screamed, tears were nave. "She can give him better foothold in companies.She can give you money to treat their parents. Many other things that you do not have "- he laughed, like self-ridicule himself. So that is! Because she was the boss's daughter, because she was rich, despite her husband had divorced and kinky unpleasant temperament. And she, poor drop nets to do nothing for him instead!

She did not know how to leave again. In the beginning she had only one thought, 10 years her sight suddenly dissolved into a lather and then ...


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