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Whether you have cancer know but was surreptitiously dating anyone out there?

You may ask how long to learn that your husband / wife does not love me anymore? What will you do when love slip out of hand, but no way draw for?

Many people around the world have experienced this truth, gradually they will lose faith in the love of life.

What have I done wrong? Everything can be blamed on me? Many questions will be forever in your mind. Some people will brave given the answer, and the next step forward. But some others will choose the plan of hope.

A wife wrote letters to tell her husband the feeling when living with someone who does not love her for years.

Submit my husband!

He lied to me a very long time period. Lie to you daily. I thought you did not know? We were together for 18 years but he remains a liar. When he cheated on me, I realized, in his eyes, in his voice. I know all, but for the past!

Think a bit about some time ago. When he woke up, he had prepared breakfast, he ate and went to work. Once home, I also prepared dinner, I eat, sleep and go to work. I want to ask you that ,: "There is nothing between us like this, they seem invisible in his eyes?". I wanna know where you wrong, so I can fix pleasant for him. But rarely got home, even those not on the weekend. One day, I accidentally learned that he infidelity.

I do not believe my eyes again, I do not understand why he was like that, but I still want to know why. I tried to complete his half, right?

Until one day, about 1 year ago, doctors diagnosed cancer diagnosis. When I said that to him, he was really interested me. New England noticed my existence. I feel important to him how much. But I suddenly discovered that he was dating someone outside. But you still act like that as before, it is ignored.

I was really happy to hear that you pay attention to me. That time he complimented the dish you cook breakfast, lunch and you prepare for him a hearty dinner for his brother. But I can not help but deduce that each time he came out, he went to see him. I cried so many times, but I did not want him to see me weak.

I cry because feel lowly, humble because you are sick. Like a beggar, are expecting the odd coin from the plethora of money. I really want money to go, but a homeless beggar then know where to go?

But do not worry for me, darling. You also do not have much time for this life anymore. You will soon be free only. You do not have to hide behind me anymore. I apologize to you, my love. I'm sorry. I'm sorry if I'm not good enough. I'm sorry if I did not meet his request. I'm sorry because I did not have the courage to say these things directly to him. I love you, please believe me ok. I still love him even though he has made me miserable, I still love you. "


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