Each time I am angry, my husband want to divorce - Confide Real Life

One year she demanded divorce dozens of times. Every once argument is a single and then a home exchange.

I have been married for more than 4 years and currently have a 2 year old daughter. My wife 3 years younger than me and we love each other nearly two years to get married.

Before we got married, my wife is a gentle girl, always seemed to know it, is widely praised as ingenious. Yet when the wedding is done, lived together before, there are many things happened that I was really bored.

My wife and I make the state eligible subsistence salary, have a little savings, their homes should not worry. Generally life materially and no matter what the right to complain. However, my wife was the only daughter of my wife's parents.

My mother is a woman shrewd, calculated (before retirement, she was an accountant). She very well intervene, interject personal life of my family. My wife and I buy, sell what little loud though, she has an opinion that "the child should shop / buy this one, leaving the other ..." makes me really uncomfortable.

The last time I bought a curved screen TVs nearly 30 million of which are not consulted her before nor speak with his wife. Mom kept calling my wife to buy expensive players, and said how much the thing to buy, prepared, I mean extravagance. I hear that very instant, the saying "Money of the mother rather than have to spend anywhere" but then they had to swallow fast.

Following this, my wife inexplicably resentful at about themselves, "stabbed with rice, rice being teased," I do not mean to say that I respect her irritated screamed: "I've already bought. This is the first time you decide to buy something without consulting children and parents who knew well how batty.Was he something well right through me, and then my parents decided you? ".

Who knew she cried tu tu, ribbed neck forever argue, are "My wife does not even respect each other, live together stars can continue to be" and filed for divorce. I immediately too and said: "I think very simple divorce you? Why are you so selfish, I do not think their children back "?

This is not the first time my wife wanted to divorce me. She demanded a divorce in dozens of times. Every once argument is a single and then a home exchange. On newly married, childless, emotionally passionate husband dearly still, I often have to beg, beg her to his own home from home exchange. But having a baby then, she remains "vertical game" is. Which is, the couple mad at each other: An application for divorce; Go drinking late husband: application for divorce; Husband forget his wife's birthday: The application for divorce ....makes me feel tired and depressed, emotionally searing.

I told her to think seriously about marriage, friendship and wife. Not just because of a little dissonance is thought to breakup, separation, divorce.However we do not have unified voice on this issue. Indeed, if only because of the controversy itself inconsequential of everyday life that make her farewell, divorce, I really find warm memories and happy family ... more tenuous.


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