"Secrets" of the girl with beautiful skin - Confide Real Life

The property she has beautiful skin very simple habits.

Do not squeeze pimples

When accidentally acne visit, the girl wise to minimize the squeeze acne because they know that this will make more from long pimples, bruises leave will darker and more difficult to disappear. Not to mention that with the kind of stiff and swollen pimple especially red, to "provoke" them can cause similar pimples continue raging in future.

Always remove make-up before exercise

Despite the tone for what could be, the beautiful girl leather makeup never exercise because they know that it is less harmful benefits are many. This is because during the workout, you will shed a lot of sweat and wiped action wiped sweat when you're full face of makeup will make cosmetics, oils, dirt, dead skin cells ... getting into pores cause acne.

Say no to sugar

There is a seemingly harmless habit, but affect the beauty of the skin. That's cakes, candy and sugar drinks. In terms of beauty, only effective way to exfoliate the body. However it back inside the body ravaged by loss of collagen and elastin makes you old fast. Eat less sugar and then gradually stopped exactly how to help your skin beautiful and youthful.

Lemon mask for eyes

Use lemon slices in a bowl with hot water brake about 3 hours, apply to the skin for 30 minutes then wipe them with olive oil and 1 respectively, with leather case should oil mixed with orange slices. Do regular morning and afternoon, just after a time the wrinkles will disappear.


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