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Use a good sunscreen and wear gloves when outside help is not brittle nails because the cleaners containing chlorine.
There are many tips that can help you take care of the nails easier and here are some common ways:

- Rub balm to dry and brittle nails 3 times / day to protect and hydrate the nail.

- You can use Vaseline to help restore dry and brittle nails. You will see the difference.

- Almond oil will help prevent dehydration and nail polish nail surface.

- Eat foods rich in vitamin B, potassium, iron and calcium (soy, celery, eggs, seafood). These are good qualities to nail.

- Use a good sunscreen and wear gloves when going out will help protect nails become brittle because the cleaners containing chlorine.

- Hand massage helps blood circulation and encourage nail growth.

- Never scrape the paint on nails. Use water to wash all that paint.

- Keep nail polish in the refrigerator for longer paint is smooth.

- To keep longer paint, you can rub some vinegar on nails before painting.

- Mix the white iodine and castor oil (Castor oil) ratio equal. Massage hands with this mixture helps smooth skin epidermis.

- To paint dry faster, while the painted surface will start again, dip the fingers in cold water.

- Choose paint can support anti-UV to prevent yellow nails.

- When using the product harden nails, avoid products containing toluene sulphonamide or formaldehyde (note notes product components). These substances may cause redness and irritation.

- When filing, be brought from outside to inside. Never do the opposite because your nails will be weakened or damaged.

- Cut nails flat and slightly above the two sides will make nail elect looks slimmer. This shape is also quite nice on short nails.


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