No lack of love, lack of money my wife still "couple" with her boss - Confide Real Life

Everyone unceasing praise my wife, she is young and beautiful, good money, external and internal criticism from ... all the words that I could not be opened. Now that they know I want a divorce, make sure everyone I was crazy, but do not know the road praises praises.
Before you know her affair with the boss, I still thought I was the happiest man on earth. I have beautiful wife, the wise, economic well-off families. Every year we always make time for travel, we traveled a lot together, happy too fullness. I have not the slightest doubt of her feelings.

Monthly pay, I gave her a certain amount to spend family contribution, the rest I hold. She never complained about money, she always worry very good things in the house. I was never asked to the wife's income, but I know her very well for pretty, maybe many months longer than my income marginally.

Whenever the family needed something big shopping, or spending large amounts for the outing, visiting grandparents home, spend New Year ... I gave her more. I do not think my wife is a big pressure on the money. My husband was not too bad. I can help her do housework, provide transportation, child care, much less attentive to her. Story is also very detailed spouses is ok, she is always happy whenever near her husband ... all things are too good, so to know the truth about his wife shocked me. I do not find the reason, can not understand why she did so.

My family's not so needy that she needed money to pair with your boss. She is also very good, do not do in this place, then move elsewhere is, where what trade-offs need to have jobs. Though she said it was only one night together right then, afterwards she said sorry, have refused to travel with him. She begged me to forgive, to give her a chance. She says that the devil did not understand how bad ghosts but that day she did that.

Because the boss wants to continue, so many times to send messages solicited sex, bad gifts, salary increase ... for her to accidentally I knew. She says now that I left her, he would not let go of her. Then my children would be like if we put together. This story that reveals the ugly face anybody.

I am angry, I hate so much. I just wanted to send the right form to divorce court, she wanted to leave immediately. But if people know I divorced because of adultery, the wife's face and I know where to go. My father, my family would be ashamed of this. My wife wants us to forget this, build the family. I do not know if I can do this, not when I no longer trust in.

She will leave job, find another job if I have to forgive.
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