Detaching emotionally because my husband does not understand - Confide Real Life

I live very realistic, never give beggars, in his eyes, they're all people who go phishing. He always prohibited and uncomfortable when I withdraw them.

This year I am 28 years old, married 4 years, no children, tried to treat many places, I had a miscarriage once. The couple loved each other from the 2nd year undergraduate, graduate more than one year, the wedding. I suffered a lot of pressure from the forever childless. People often whispered talk, they think to make back to school we did fudge, so now bear the consequences. The truth is I never abortion or emergency contraception pill or something, it's hard to have children due to irregular menstruation, hormonal poor. Before I knew calculated grumpy husband, but loves me. Long live together, I feel miserable when two opposites who have to live together.

Feeling couple odd bedfellows makes me really miserable though still love. I am living comfortably, unaware refused, basically, I do not shrewd, but extremely tough. Though really heartbreaking, but in front of people, I have always shown themselves as comfortable, does not suffer from infertility. I always thought, if you really do not have kids, I'm going to go get her husband's other wives. I do not want to suffer with her husband, what excuse he suffered while capable?

Can I adopt a child, the child does not walk, he loves it just. On the street, I never refused to old beggar, or a handicapped person. Also can they pretend, but I still give because if not, I'm afraid I skip some unhappy fate, actually, after all I am a handicapped person.

Can I adopt a child, the child does not walk, he loves it just. (Illustration)

Speaking of her husband, he lived very practical, never give beggars, in his eyes, they're all people go rogue. He always prohibited and annoyed when I withdraw them. I told him, if he does not like it, do not, do not ban me. You can lead people to go eat, pay no regrets million, while they were making money, you have to cover their excuse? One week he took me to eat two or three times, each and every 500 thousand. I also earn basic pay me 15 million / month, I do export cum purchase.

I'm not too greedy, should not earn much, he always tells me that I'm stupid, sitting there that do not know for. He suspected I earn, but to private capital or parents. I explained and asked him not to interfere too much in my work. On the difficult child, normally he never tormented, he kept telling me to try. Since we are each other's first love, work out, stay together was nearly ten years ago, no matter what he says will never leave me. I was moved by that.

Then he himself did not step out of that pain. He did not want me to go visit her birth, whether close friends or siblings relatives. When people ask what I advise, he often nagging: Body could not afford to go take care of other people also.Any job I help someone, he said. Really, you do not understand every word as cut deeply into my pain. I do not want to upset her parents should also limit the lament, her only brother to lean on, but I'm disappointed more full. His action was little cursing, you me, "do not you live with me, the quail".

Then, when calm, he was concerned about her husband. Really, I did not know he was in love, or just sometimes feel pity me anymore? He made me permanently scar, to confide, for saying he did not understand me. As of now, I only want to liberate him, as well as our salvation. I only have one life, he was only one, if not in tune with each other should be freed. Really I do not know how to live with him when my heart too many scratches?


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