To keep your child's father, I accept the husband of adultery - Confide Real Life

On an affair with her husband knew the girl do the same company, I passed up passed down, feeling the earth and sky collapse, must lie sunk nearly 10 days to get up.

My husband has a good job, get everybody respected him although new 34.England handsome capital, sobriety, said speech. Meanwhile my poor brother 5 years old, good-looking form called, are people comment is ingenious, housewifely. After 5 years married, the two of us have a 4 year old daughter, docile, lovely. Generally life everyone told me to look outside pleasure by having homes, vehicles, temporary help job ... I also satisfied with his small family.

Everything is nothing if one day I did not get a phone call from some stranger said I should know the fact that my husband had an affair with the agency staff.Although still in shock but I calmly told the man that I trust my husband, he's not very controlled. That man told both me and him were lies, he is the lover of the girl. After the phone call, the man of anonymity that sent me a series of photographs and physical evidence I've got to believe.

I am in pain, crying, screaming, fainting to fainting down when my husband admitted his infidelity. He said he still loved me, that girl was deliberately seduce him why I was tripping. I am pained and shocked too. The apology, begged of him could not ease the pain of the body, the spirit of self.

It seemed after the shock, my husband will repent and change, ending with that girl. One doubts, they kept sneaking interrelated and become public. I know the story and ask him to choose my mother with that girl or that we divorce.However he did not accept that and also give the girl refused to sign with my divorce.

Just so, almost one year, despite the gossip of employees, some acquaintances, my husband still maintain a relationship with a lover. Many times I asked him to leave lover, talking with his parents, but the two sides remained unchanged.

Think love you, I must get rid of his huge ego to try to keep her daughter announced. I also direct to meet the requirements of her husband to end her relationship with him. Who knew the girl impudently talk back to me: "You have to know that her husband is kept. He loves me and choose me, you have no right commandments "makes me blood boil away.

Actually, I never feel depressed and frustrated about his life that way.Previously I had read many books, watching movies and witness much more tortuous family story but never put into context her. Not because I was weak and did not dare to stand up to win her husband to give her husband for someone else but for me too poignant, love you while looking me smiling call 'father'. If you let go, I'll lose her husband, the father of her child will be the father of the other woman. Thinking that I was swallowing tears, accepted the husband of adultery, and living next omitted.


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