I realized his love was misplaced ... - Confide Real Life

He is the reason for you to start, who also made me finish. In so everything, including love. Thank you, for fairness, and cold here.

We were there. I know. As we have been in your heart to just how deep each.The day that the pain should be shared and the joy they did not own one.
The day he called me every name in the world, I obviously became understood him better than anyone.
But after how the deep , things imprinted in several heart is firmly lodged debris.I was horrified to realize that his love was really misplaced.
On Hanoi in rainy season, I'm turning intolerable in that girl's body bags away from home. Everything in life shy, afraid to speak, afraid to laugh, afraid to go down the road and constraints. Moreover, is ... afraid to ask.

Look around yourself where not feeling safe to get around. Unease in me just welled up when suddenly someone came and attention with something awfully love life.
I was calling him ... Consistency in the hearts shaken, despite refrain, regardless What must also be strong and uncaring. But I understand both, and then start the machine with icy question "Who" ...
Tim sagged you like, a little angry, a little decadent. Tell a funny ending to tears.Memories of the momentum back violently.
I quickly disconnected the call.
Off the fragile hope rekindled could not.
Finally there is also the answer to her life.
About a love wasting time.


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