Do not live for people, and let pain yourself - Confide Real Life

There are so many people just because a compliment mode "responsible life" of the life that goes against the desire and capacity of itself. Even when the praise is selfish, responsible living is whether we really aware of and able to face the situation we created or only a minute to live up to their world, and that all and the suffering. The judge who made the other, is that until we have a problem because the decision goes against us but in the same way with them, and when to stop to take responsibility to me?

A young man flirting with her ​​around but always told them that he did not intend to marry for at least 5 years should present lover would be hard to become his future wife. The girl shrugged and walked away, cursing Base Map Secretary, irresponsible kind.
A girl just broke up with love it's not yet ready for a new love while how boys are ready substitute. How people love to go to help dissuade the lonely, to have new people to quickly forget, for spoiled swaggers with old people but she insisted to cool down before burning heart again. Friends say it is true that channel style furniture, nuts, let forever alone

A stay at home mom has more than three years to raise two children, one day expressed to her husband that she wanted to play a few days, a few days to separate you feel less tired and rediscover the feeling miss you, love you. Hear her husband's family makes a fuss, saying that this mother chart mother and that, due it being the other. 

A young couple married for three years but has no intention of having children, the reason for the couple are still old age eat still want to enjoy playing so confidently. Outsiders look at say a husband and wife, but also open woodlands, family misfortune, her parents do not know how to teach children the police department, was stable family life. 

An old guy to get married but not yet What brought her home debut, just obediently turned away when their parents miserable sighs "ever new grandson to lead outings". Question is that marriage is a lifelong thing we should choose carefully. Relatives neighbors shook their heads stuck out tongue, tongue forever baby acne during that time to the son disloyalty, selfishness just worry about yourself.

She heads born daughter to her first daughter should remain unconnected family line. Urged parents, husband severance additional child cooed again always go for inexpensive, specific waiting. She refused, all the things they love strawberry infield no morality then keep doing, but put sarcophagi go find someone else. 

How about ....
The boys always come with the young girl by appointment vow sea because understands that the girl did not set right and wrong, just poured into your ear is enough to bring his name good lover. Then one fine day love fade, they shrugged off emotions to find elsewhere, leaving behind those dreamy girl is still immersed in the promised oath.

The girls go to the boys just to find prop or to forget an old love. Then nodded hastily before marriage proposal. To the latter person with many children again spoiled alluring gaze of his sympathetic colleague "At previous married yet but only because circumstances have to love ..."
The child was born when the flow natural or due to family obligations. My parents did not even know until the child labor problem is the chi chi, only seen crying fumed, they argue, and frustrating to the child asking. Born with an intellectual equal body but why not be with you by friends, because where previously get called in education from their parents.
The marriage came only because people have come to the right age in hand.Marriage is not love, even if you try to complete that spouses are living with a person at the beginning did not have feelings, either party without fatigue?

The birth mother together to "strenuous one time only, the latter praises", let the older children had barely getting enough breast milk, the child was born, suffering only two are too young to understand the shared love, just to race in the battle for the attention of their parents. 

Even when the praise is selfish, is responsible living do we really aware of and able to face circumstances have created or only a minute to live up to their world, and that each person suffering both. The judge who made ​​the other, is that until we have a problem because the decision goes against us but in the same way with them, and when to stop to take responsibility to me?


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